Truth and Integrity”

I am from the old school

My integrity is important to me so my word is my bond, 

if I give you my word without any intention of keeping it,

that would make me a lire and a hypocrite.

I am not going to tell you what I think you want to hear,

I am going to tell it like it is,

I am not going to live a lie nor will I support it

I am not going to be concerned if you’re afraid of

or offended by the truth



No Guns the new single from Jimmy Lindsay featuring Jaxx aka Johnny Da Kid written by Grant Tunbridge Jaxx Paul Jobson and Jimmy Lindsay produced by Paul Jobson and Michael (lally) Carey

Available to download 2nd February 2018 from


Gun and knife crime soaring in London, official figures show

The number of gun and knife crime offences in London soared last year amid fears more young people are carrying weapons for self-protection and status.

The figures showed a 42 per cent rise in the number of overall offences of gun crime and an increase of 24 per cent rise in the number of knife crime offences, with 12,074 offences last year, compared to 9,742 in 2015/16.

More worryingly, there was also a rise in the number of guns being fired on London’s streets, up from 239 cases in 2015/16 to 306 cases in the last financial year.

There was also a 20 per cent increase in the rate of knife attacks involving injuries to victims, up from 3,663 to 4,415 in 2016/17.


Third young man stabbed to death in London in space of 24 hours


Overall, the number of offences in London rose for the first time in several years.

There were a total of 774,737 crimes recorded in the capital last year - compared to 740,933 in the previous year. a rise of 4.5 per cent.

We need to do all we can to educate our young people about the danger they face by carrying a gun or a knife.

Please support this new Jimmy Lindsay single taken from his forthcoming album "More Love"

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Music Hive Promotion invites you to a very special night

Celebrating Jimmy Lindsay’s Birthday and the release of his new single No Guns that he will be performing live for the first time together with some of his classic hits

There will be guest performances by some of your favourite Artist

2nd February 2018 at the Opera Restaurant Bar

761-763 High Street Leytonstone London E11 4QS

Doors open 7.30pm show starts 9.00pm

Admission £10.00 tickets will be available to order from

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 It's coming soon and will be available to download from

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Exciting news for all lovers of quality reggae music”

The British Reggae Award winning Artist Jimmy Lindsay will be releasing his new album “More Love”

 2018, this being only his third studio album and one that is long overdue the great news is that it will also be available in a limited edition on VINYL to avoid disappointment and be amongst the first to hear this great album distant to become another classic go to our shop and order the Vinyl or CD NOW CLICK ON THE LINK!!


A question for Facebook, DO BLACK LIVES MATTER? We all condemn the terror attack in Paris and our hearts go out to the family and friends of the innocent people who lost their lives and it is good that the international community show support for the French Nation, in showing that support Facebook was quick to launch an app with the French flag witch thousands of you are now displaying both black and white people have this on their profile 147 innocent people lost their lives with 79 injured in the attack at GARISSA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in KENYA on 2nd April 2015, WHERE WAS THE FACEBOOK APPP? In support of those victims How many of you black people with the French flag on your profile took the time to post a comment of support and sympathy for the people of Kenya? This is the same story all over again 129 people murdered in France and it is news all over the world thousands murdered in AFRICA, who cares? If you care help us to send a strong message to Facebook that BLACK LIVES MATTER support our call for a NO FACEBOOK DAY from 00hour GMT (midnight) Sunday 29th November to 00hour GMT (midnight) Monday 30th November 2015. Please share this with your friends!!

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It's A Ripoff Facebook Account :>>>

November 21 at 1:11pm

Fanbox, Empower, the big SCAM

This was sent to us by a concerned individual.

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They are also trading on line as Fanbox they will send you an email inviting you to join when, I messaged their so called top earners to find out if any of them ever revived any payments they closed my Fanbox account with over $5,000 in it.
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Please forward this to you friends you might prevent them from getting SCAMED!!
This is the link to their sites
Empower: >>>>>


I am performing with 'Fowokan' at Brighton's music venue The Brunswick on Thursday 8th October 2015 1, Holland Road, Hove, BN3 1JF it’s going to be a great night”

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                               to find out more about my up coming August dates go to my  tour dates page!!!

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I am back in Europe for a short summer tour August 4th to 10th

I will be announcing dates later!!

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My thanks to everyone who came out to support us  on our short tour, I am making this new remix of Back Out available as a free download from, I am still working on the new album “More Love”

Groene Engel Soo Netherlands Friday 27th March 2015

Yard Club/ Die Kantine Koln Germany Saturday 28th

Zum Lindenhof Celle Germany Sunday 29th

Music Star Norderstedt Germany Monday 30th

you were a great audience 


A Valentine gift from Jimmy!!

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 Available on St Valentine's day from:

 Two great tracks taken from the classic Where Is Your Love album Jimmy's Valentine gift to you 

download them and maybe send them on to the one you love

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 What a wonderful weekend, it started with me having a great Friday night performing at the magic Garden to a fantastic audience
The support group SHANTY played some really nice music, I enjoyed their set
If you get the chance please go and check them out you will not be disappointed 
On Saturday my son took me to Chesterfield to view his new house but it was when we returned home that it all clicked, he took me away for the day so that the rest of my family were able to arrange my surprise Birthday party
And I must say it was a surprise and a special moment surrounded by the people I love most.
Sunday was spend in the sauna one of my favourite place to chill and relax 
You made Monday a very special day with the hundreds of Birthday greeting and messages of love I want every one of you to know that I appreciate you all and I am humbled by your kindness
I thank you all both Family and Friends

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  If you agree please come and join this group on Facebook  

This is the link address you copy :


immy Lindsay competition
Like Jimmy’s fan page on Facebook and you could in with a chance of winning a FREE download of Live and Fully Loaded DVD and a Jimmy Lindsay T-shirt of your choice, one lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive this prize and there is more, five runners-up will each receive free download of the DVD and ten runners-up will receive free download of the CD, January 26th is Jimmy’s birthday and his gift to all his friends and fans around the world will be a free download of “Unite The World” he is making this track available for the first time,   

 Jimmy is currently recording his new album ”More Love” due for release early 2015

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 more free download for you!!

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   Hello world


      meet my



       just two



     weeks old



 Jimmy Lindsay The story Of Easy

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 top left Bernard "Touter" Harvey Keyboard

top right Lloyd Parks Bass Guitar

middle left Earl Chinns Smith Lead Guitar

bottom left Sly Dumbar Drums

my dear friend Dennis Brown who joined me on backing vocals

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1976 and I have returned home to the UK after spending five month in Ghana, West Africa and I am feeling great!

Some weeks later I meet up with Lloyd Coxone and he plays me the backing track of a song he had recorded for me, and I loved it 
A few weeks later I would be going to the studio to record it and I was looking forward to that. When I arrived at the studio I was met by the engineer who informed me that Lloyd was running late and would be there shortly. He suggested that we run the track so that I could warm up my voice before we start to record. About half an hour later the bell rang and I went down to open the door thinking it would be Lloyd, but it was my friend Dennis Brown.  Lloyd had told him that we would be recording at this studio in Tooting, South London so he came along to hang out with us and I was glad to see him.
We ran the track some more times and decided to start recording my vocals. By the time Lloyd arrived we had my vocals recorded and I decided to do the backing vocals and invited Dennis to join me. After two or three takes we had nailed it so we mixed the track. My version of Easy was recorded and I went home with happy vibes.

Some days later I receive a call from Lloyd telling me that Chris Blackwell from Island Records loved it and wanted to release it. I had no problem with that, this would be the second time that Lloyd and I worked together. The first time was on a song called ‘Motion’. It sold a few copies but nothing to write home about.

Easy was released in February 1977 and it dominated the charts for that year reaching number one  three time being the only single ever to do so and earing me The British Reggae Award for the best single 1977

In 1978 I was contacted by Gem Records who was interested in what I was doing and wanted to sign me to the label we managed work out a deal and I was soon back in the studio recording the Where Is Your Love album this would include a new version of Easy some time later Lloyd released a version with Horns this would be version 3.

In 2000 I used to hang out at Eaton Blake’s Spark Side Studio in Herne Hill his younger brother Paul and Keyboard player Henry Holder both loved Easy and wanted to do their version of it and I agreed

They played all the instrument themselves and produced it, these 2 tracks was never released until now, I am making all five versions available to download FREE, this is my way of saying THANK YOU to the many thousands of fans and friends who have supported my music over the years and a special thank you to the musicians who played on the original version, Sly Dumbar, Earl Chinns Smith

Bernard “Touter” Harvey, Lloyd Parks and my dear friend Denis Brown R.I.P



 My summer 2014 tour of Europe with Fowokan

I am back from another great tour of Europe with Fowokan what made this tour special for me was the audience and the reception they gave us, I feel truly humble and would like to say a big thank you to everyone at, Les TERRASSES DU TEUDI Rouen France, STREET LIFE FESTIVAL Leverkusen Germany, FESTIVAL AM SEE VIII Norderstedt Germany, REGGAE @ZUM LINDENHOF Celle Germany BARNABY’S BLUES BAR Braunschweig Germany, EARTH MUSIC REGGAE PARTY Witter Germany and KAMMGRAN REGGAE FESTIVAL Hard Austria

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 See more photos in my photo page

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 Love Triangle
The Full Story
the end may surprise you"

Love triangle 

You’re the best man at your friend’s wedding, what you failed to tell him is that his wife is your x girlfriend, some months later you go to his house to meet up with him, the wife lets you in and tells you he has been delayed and may not be back for an hour or so, she invites you to wait offers you a drink, and before you know it she is all over you.
Old emotions get the better of you and you end up in bed with her, leaving before you friend arrived home.
This would be the start of a secret relationship that would go on for over thirty years, at your friend’s house, your house and in hotel rooms, during that time your friend and his wife have three children one day the husband gets a phone call informing him of the affair your involved in with his wife, he did not want to believe it but he went along to the hotel you usually meet at, and finds the two of you almost naked in the room, he is able to control himself and makes his way home
Following a DNA test it is found that the husband is not the father of any of the three children
Further test proves that you are the father of two of the children with the third one father unknown.
What do you do now? 
Wait for her to divorce her husband and then marry her and be a father to all her children?
Take you two children and let your friend and his wife sort things out?
Move to another town by yourself and pretend it never happened?
Some weeks later the husband invites you to the house to try and sort things out
His wife and the three children are there when you arrive, the husband then explain to you and the children why he is going to kill you all and then himself!
Weeks after the funerals one of the grandson is clearing out the house and notice a lot of letters by the front door, picked them up and started to read them an suddenly fell to the floor as if he was in great pain shouting no no no unable to believe what had happened
A letter from the medical centre that carried out the DNA test saying because on an administrative error they had been sent the wrong test result


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A couple in a sexual relationship have a Baby, at first the man accepted the child as his
Some months later they discover, the child would not be able to hear or speak
The man then decide, the child is not his and refused to give the mother any support at all
The child is now an adult

Let’s add another dimension to this story, The Brother, we will call him (Uncle Ben) and the Father we will call (Father Bill), after the Child was born (Uncle Ben) would from time to time asked his brother how the Child was getting on and if he had been to visit, but his brother kept evading the question, this went on for a number of years.

One day (Uncle Ben) decides to visit the mother and child only to discover that the father did not come to see the Child, after the problem was discovered, (Uncle Ben) would start to visit when he could and gave what little support he could to the mother, at one point the child asked the mother if (UncleBen) was his father? No he is your Uncle she replied.

Some years later the father meets a woman, marry have a family, but passed away a few years ago

Some days after the funeral (Uncle Ben) asked the wife about the Child (which she was aware of) it is agreed that (Uncle Ben) would arrange for the wife and the Child’s mother to meet

The Mother was the first to arrive (Uncle Ben) phoned the wife who said she was on her way some hours later she had not arrived and her Phone was switched off.

(Uncle Ben) felt ashamed at the wife’s insult of the Child’s mother and thought why did the wife not want to meet with the mother, could it be she thinks the Child might want to claim his share of his father’s Estate, what (Uncle Ben)know is that all the Child want is to be  recognised as it’s father’s Child and to have the opportunity to know it’s siblings and to put in place that part of it’s being that is missing, no Child should have to suffer a life of rejection by any parent because they are unable to speak or hear.

The father had two other brothers who (Uncle Ben) ben invited to come with him to visit the mother a Child (now an adult) when they arrived at the house the Child was not there, He would arrive a few minutes later, when he walked into the room one of the brothers went up to the Child and hugged it tight with tears flowing from his eyes the other brother was in a state of shock.

After they left still wiping tears from his eyes the first brother said he thought all this time that (Uncle Ben) was the Father, because the father had told him so, he found out that day his older brother who he trusted had sold him a terrible lie.

What brought the shock factor was of all the children the father has, none of them look more like him than this Child.

Uncle Ben had a conversation with one of the siblings; he explained he has no story to tell until they discover the facts for themselves, they agree to take part in a D.N.A test to involve the sibling the Child and Uncle Ben he also offered to pay for the test and agreed, the sibling could decide where the test took place and a date was arranged, just like the mother the sibling failed to turn up and (yes you got it) had the phone switched off.

What this father did was wicked and evil, there can be no justification for any parent to treat a Child this way, most people would argue the wife and siblings are just as evil, one can only wander how would the wife feel if things was the other way round, would she not want her Child to know it’s siblings.

If the wife and siblings are so confident that they know the truth, why are they refusing to take part in the D.N.A test?

Could it be that the man in question is not the father of wife’s Children?

May be when they read some of your comments, they will decide to do the right thing and take part in the D.N.A test and discover THE TRUTH

I will post some more information on this as soon as it comes my way”

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 Paul Jobson     Spy Austin       and Michael Carey

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  YouTubeComments on) Jimmy Lindsay Where is your love!!

keltickarma 1 day ago Loved it then, love it still. luvmyclancy 4 months ago this is the best eva  macmakack 1 year ago Thank Yoy andykeel 1 year ago has anybody got the album i need to hear sail away. havent heard it for over 25 years please please geNMEting 2 years ago 12" b-sides betta though they ALL-WAYS R sirjamesbarrie 2 years ago Hiya when
is it due for re-release this has some great memories for me mcp666 2 years ago It's due for a re-release, Jimmy's back on the block! Check MySpace. ;-) hustler01 2 years ago can
somebody please help me out to find this song for download cant find it anywhere. nortypony 2 years ago great tune....halcion days gold3217 2 years ago brings back sweet memorys. mandydut 2 years ago I have been trying to find this for years. I had a bright coloured 12" vinyl al those years ago. Thanks so much for sharing this. eLein0X 2 years ago

this song is so hard to find thanks for sharing. dennilly 2 years ago Someone tell me how to get a hold of dis tune. I Love dis tune a lot. Shuto123 2 years ago I too have this on vinyl, great tune I love utube its like a time machine!! alisojay 2 years This is brilliant, thank you so much for putting this on. It was difficult to buy when it first came out, so I had to order it. Still got it on 12 inch red vinyl, but no turntable!! Great to hear it again djpiere40 2 years ago this song is so hard to find thanks for sharing it,,great song ; brings back some good memories for me..luvmyclancy 4 months ago one word FAb!!! 123gogary4 months ago Certainly worth the extended remix lenromano 5 months ago Bought this on 12" with picture sleeve, the week it came out. Long gone now, but great to hear again! Loved the B side too - Daughters of Babylon. lol732 7 months ago In the days when the cinema had extra films on the bill I saw two GEM label promotional films: UK SUBS & JIMMY LINDSAY! Both excellent artists & totally different! Got copies of this song in various coloured vinyls & a
couple of copies of the album! Thank goodness for Ebay! tantriclady 11 months ago had this in 79!! It was my first non-Bob Marley single bought at tender age of 16!!

cgmcgarty 1 year ago This was our song when I met my wife in 1980...she left me in 1995 I didn't expect it to come true! I still love her, wtf. what a prophecy.... I still got the album!!

ejaylott2 1 year ago one of the first records i ever bought - still the best andykeel 1 year agohad the album but it got stolen 25 years ago really need to hear sail away again miss
it so much. devonkev1 year ago sound track to a movie in the 80s have both albums havnt had anything to play them on in years cool xsuuoo 2 years agoI had a copy of this 12" in 1980 but lent it to an ex girlfriend and lost it forever. I have searched everywhere to hear it again. Thanks for sharing it -
you have made an old man very happy (sat reminiscing!) Animalkisser 1 year ago I have the single in a good condition. Maybe we can trade... amserv53 2 years ago Had this
years ago, hunted london to replace it without success. Many thanks Wikidub, a classic x wikidub 2 years ago you're welcome. thanks. Animalkisser 1 year ago love it.   
cicciostar 2 years ago Great song.Thank you.I had the lp but I don't know were it is now. scientistsdub 2 years ago a violi in a reggae track - now I've heard it - most irie!

mkcaterman 2 years ago Great Sound.. Got this on an Album By Jimmy Called Where is your Love. First heard it in a short film at the Pictures in around 79/80